Grandparents Day Stroll — A walk to raise funds for programs that support grandparents raising grandchildren and families across the province.

When is this stroll?

Sunday, September 10

Why a Grandparents Day Stroll?

In BC there are more than 11,000 children being raised full time by their grandparents (or other relatives). Their stories are varied, but many of the threads are the same: loss, isolation, grief, hardship, love and determination.

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren (GRGs) face complicated bureaucracies – legal, financial, and governmental – that are difficult (and often expensive) to navigate. Poverty is a serious risk (they receive little to no financial support, and often spend what savings they might have on fighting for and supporting their grandkids). They lose friends, and seniors’ programming and housing rarely meet the needs of GRG families.

The grandchildren are their priority and these children need and deserve, love, stability and all the support possible to ensure they thrive.

What is happening?

On Grandparents Day – Sunday, September 10– Across BC, Parent Support Services Society of BC (PSS) will be recognizing these caregivers. Our Annual Grandparents Day Strolls will be fun, lively, family events to celebrate all grandparents and to raise funds to support the work we do with grandparent-led families and our parenting programs across BC.

In New Westminster it is a Festival & Stroll – Music, Games, Kids Activities, Silent Auction, Walk-a-thon.

Who is putting this stroll on?

PPicture6SS is a non-profit, volunteer-based society and registered charity founded in 1974. We are dedicated to protecting the safety and well-being of children and promoting healthy families through peer-based supports, education, advocacy, and research.

Our Parent and Grandparent Support Circle Programs provide free facilitated weekly educational support groups for parents, grandparents, and other kinship caregivers. In circles around the province, and in multiple languages, participants help other participants become successful parents.

“I don’t feel as alone. I’m not the only one [who] finds this job difficult, and wants to talk about it. This decreases my frustration caused by isolation.”

PSS also runs the Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Support Line (only one in Canada which provides support, advocacy and resource information to grandparents and other relatives raising a family member’s child.

Where is the event? In the Lower Mainland it will be at the New Westminster Quay. Watch for Details for other locations.

What can you do?

Please donate – your contribution will make a tangible difference in the lives of children, and their families, across BC:

  • Allow more families access to parenting support by giving us the funds to:
    • expand the number of vital Parent and Grandparent Support Circles across the province
    • provide free child-minding at Support Circles – so all can participate
  • Give opportunities for kids raised by their grandparents to meet others kids in similar families.
  • Enable us to increase the number of valuable Parenting Workshops we provide
  • Support the development of resources (documentaries, resource guides, etc)
  • Provide a break for grandparents raising grandkids

Mark Sunday, September 10 in your calendar. Join us, and invite your friends, colleagues, and family members – to “take a grand step together” on Grandparents Day.

DONATE  (Tax receipts will be issued)

To volunteer, or find out more contact,  OR call 604-669-1616.




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