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Our generous donors have provided a range of auction items from all over the province in order to raise funds for our work with diverse families across BC! The funds raised from both our online and onsite auctions will directly go towards program-related costs. It’s a win-win for all. The online auction closes Tuesday, December 18 at 5 PM PST. Unframed prints maybe shipped – with extra shipping charges; however all other items must be picked up from our Burnaby office – Please call 604-669-1616 or email for details.

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Gorgeous black and white photo by Vancouver photographer, Tchavdar (Chav) Petkov.
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Gorgeous black and white photo by Vancouver photographer, Tchavdar (Chav) Petkov.  The photo was taken in June 2015. The size of the frame is app. 13 inches x 11 inches.

For Chav poetry and the visual arts, often photography in particular, collaborate to explore and, sometimes, reveal meaningful human experiences. For him those experiences transcend boundaries that seemingly divide yet contain a possibility to unite. He is interested in the unmasking of facades, in reaching for the other, those on the margins, the outsiders. The sense of wonder, the ambiguous, the obscure belong to the artistic endeavour and the artist’s ability to deliver the depth of their domain. Chav has been exploring the collaboration between the word and the visual arts. Some of his poetry was published in in 2011 (March through December, Archives).

Winner must pick up item from Burnaby office by December 20th.